Amarr Ships

Over the course of your Career Agent missions, they will have given you some of the following ships. They are more powerful than your rookie ship. They are also more specialized, and each ship is built for a specific purpose.


Frigates are some of the fastest and smallest ships in New Eden. This makes them very difficult for larger ships to hit. Their guns also track very quickly, allowing them to effectively fight other frigates. However, their raw defensive and offensive power is relatively weak.


The Executioner is the Amarr fast-attack frigate. It is extremely quick, and packs a decent punch. Its bonus to the capacitor cost of Propulsion Jamming modules also makes it good at “tackling” enemy ships, holding them in place. However, it is relatively fragile.

Here is a recommended fit for the Executioner.


The Tormentor is the Amarr heavy attack frigate. It gets substantial bonuses to its three energy turrets, and is otherwise well-rounded, with decent defenses, sufficient midslots to offer some utility, and a moderate drone bay. However, it is somewhat slow.

Here is a recommended fit for the Tormentor.


The Punisher is the Amarr heavy combat frigate. It is incredibly durable, and has potent firepower. However, it is quite slow, and its limited midslots limit its utility.

Here is a recommended fit for the Punisher.


The Magnate is the Amarr exploration frigate. It has substantial bonuses to the use of scanner probes and relic/data analyzers, making it a powerful option for exploration-minded capsuleers. However, it is fragile, and weak in direct combat.

Here is a recommended fit for the Magnate.


The Inquisitor is the Amarr logistics frigate. It has potent bonuses to remote armor repair modules, allowing it to “heal” allied ships in battle. However, it is not very useful to a solo pilot.

For this reason, we recommend that you do not use the Inquisitor for now.


The Crucifier is the Amarr electronic warfare frigate. It has powerful bonuses to the effectiveness of weapon disruptor modules, allowing it to degrade its enemies' range and accuracy while staying safely out of range itself. However, it is extremely fragile, and is not very useful to a solo pilot.

For this reason, we recommend that you do not use the Crucifier for now.


The Venture is a mining frigate, not specific to any one empire. It has powerful bonuses to its mining lasers and gas harvesters, as well as a vast ore hold, allowing it to accumulate massive amounts of raw resources. It also has innate resistance to warp disruption, allowing it to escape attackers more easily. However, it is not particularly suitable for combat.

Here is a recommended fit for the Venture.


Destroyers are designed as a counter to frigates. They are “glass cannons” - they get large numbers of frigate-class guns, with substantial enhancements to their range and tracking, making them able to swat frigates out of the sky with ease. However, their defenses are little stronger than a frigate’s, and their larger size and slower speed makes them less able to avoid the fire of larger ships. They are also lacking in any utility besides their damage output.


The Coercer is one of the Amarr destroyers, focusing on laser turrets. With the maximum of eight hardpoints for energy weapons, and with potent bonuses to their range and accuracy, it will quickly destroy any smaller enemies that come near it. However, it is very slow compared to frigates, and its size makes it much easier to hit. Additionally, it has very little utility outside of its lasers' damage output.

Here is a recommended fit for the Coercer.


The Dragoon is the other Amarr destroyer, focusing on drones and energy neutralization. It has only three hardpoints for each of turrets and launchers, but can field a full flight of five light drones and two more flights in reserve, with bonuses to their damage and speed. It also gains bonuses to the range of Energy Neutralizers, used to directly attack enemies' capacitors in PvP. Its drones give it long reach, but its maximum damage output is low and its neutralizer bonuses are not useful in PvE.

Here is a recommended fit for the Dragoon.


Cruisers, as a class, are the most well-rounded ships in New Eden. With comfortable slot layouts, decent firepower, good defenses, moderate speed, and moderate price, they’re the standard by which other ships are measured.

Cruiser fittings will not be provided in this guide. By the time you’re getting into a cruiser, you should be creating fits for yourself; see Fitting if you need some pointers.


Battlecruisers are to cruisers as destroyers are to frigates: much more heavily armed, but substantially slower. Battlecruisers are also significantly better defended, yet also more expensive.

Under the old alpha clone rules the only battlecruiser that alpha clones could use was the Gnosis. however, since December 2017 (EVE Vegas) alpha clones can now fly up to a battleship.

Battlecruiser fittings will not be provided in this guide. By the time you’re getting into a battlecruiser, you should be creating fits for yourself; see Fitting if you need some pointers.


Industrials, as class, are non-combat ships focused on the transport of goods across New Eden. They have massive cargo holds, but are slow, clumsy, and poorly armed at best - if they’re armed at all. They can be a great boon to a marketeer, industrialist, or even a combat pilot restocking on gear or moving locations, but are borderline useless in combat and a favorite target of player pirates.


The Sigil is one of the Amarr industrials. It has a massive cargo hold, and can mount sufficient defenses to stave off light attacks long enough for reinforcements to arrive. However, it is extremely slow and clumsy, and is borderline useless in combat.

Here is a recommended fit for the Sigil.