Explorer Agent

This mission chain walks you through how to use the scanning interfaces in EVE. Scanning lets you locate things like wormholes, data and relic sites to hack, and even other players' ships.

The scanning interfaces can be a little hard to understand without seeing them in operation. Thankfully, EVE has a video tutorial you can watch in the game under The Agency -> Help Section, both Scanning Basics and step by step under Scanning.

You can also look through our scanning guide if you prefer a text format. A video guide for this chain of missions is at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FgdT9P6UCXM

As you complete the chain, you’ll earn a couple of new ships (including one specifically designed for exploration), some skill books, some modules, and a good chunk of ISK.

Common Stumbling Blocks

  • On mission 3 of 5, you’ll be required to find a “Data Site”. This is a Cosmic Signature, and you will not be able to warp to it without using scanner probes. Review the Scanning (2 or 3) video to learn how to use these probes to find the site.
  • On mission 5 of 5, you’ll need a Passkey with you to be able to enter the final site. It’s provided to you when you begin the mission; remember to put it in your cargohold before you undock.