Caldari (Ibis)

The Caldari corvette is the Ibis.

Importable Fit

[Ibis, Ibis alpha]

75mm Gatling Rail I
75mm Gatling Rail I

Small Shield Booster I
1MN Afterburner I

Magnetic Field Stabilizer I
Damage Control I

Hornet I x1

Antimatter Charge S x1400


Rookie ships (corvettes) use weapons from the ‘small’ size bracket. This fit uses two 75mm Gatling Rail I turrets in the high slots. Railguns are a long-ranged weapon system, relative to Blasters, the short-ranged hybrid-gun option. While they pack a bit less punch, the Railguns let you engage sooner, without spending as much time flying into range while taking enemy fire.

Unlike civilian guns, these - and most other weapons - have to be loaded with ammunition to function. The railguns are loaded with Antimatter Charge S rounds. You should carry at least 1000 rounds with you. They are the shortest-range hybrid ammunition, but inflict the most damage.

When used in combination with the long-range railguns, they allow you to fight effectively at medium range. You will usually want to command your ship to orbit at about 2500m from your target. Being too near or too far from a moving target may cause your shots to miss.

The reusable Hornet I combat drone can be launched to fly independently to distant enemies, dealing Kinetic damage to them. Remember to order your drone to return to your Drone Bay before warping, or if it is taking damage from enemy fire.

To use the combat drone, you will need to train the skills Drones III and Light Drone Operation I. We recommend you use some of the skill points from the Mini Skill Injector given in the tutorial to train these skills, as they will be useful in many ships. You will need to purchase a skillbook from the Market to learn Light Drone Operation.

Additionally, the Ibis fits a Magnetic Field Stabilizer I in a low slot. This passively increases the damage output and rate of fire of its railguns.


Since the Ibis is bonused for shield resistances, this fit is designed around shields. It uses a Small Shield Booster I in one of the medium slots. While leaving it active for extended periods can severely strain the ship’s capacitor, it will greatly increase survivability when used in short bursts.

The Ibis also fits a Damage Control I, which increases the ship’s resistances, reducing incoming damage and making the shield booster work more effectively.


The 1MN Afterburner I provides your ship with additional speed. This makes it easier to bring enemy ships into an appropriate range for your guns, and to maintain that distance. The increased speed can also help you evade enemy fire.

Where do I get this stuff?

You may already have some of these modules, but if you don’t, it’s time to go use the Market. The next chapter will walk you through how to effectively use the market to purchase items.