Rookie Chat FAQ

A list of questions frequently asked in the Rookie Help channel and their associated answers.

How do I reset a stuck Aura tutorial mission?

Click the ? icon in the Operations Info Panel. Here’s a picture guide. If not everything resets properly you may want to log out and back in again.

How do I split a stack of items?

Hold shift and drag the stack of items, then drop it somewhere else. A dialog window will appear asking how many you wish to move.

Where is the Mini Skill Injector?

Press Alt-Y to open the Redeem window. It should be in there.

I closed the Career Agents list, how do I get it back?

Press F12 to open the ‘Help’ window, then click ‘Show Career Agents’.

I bought something but it’s not in my item hangar. Where is it?

Chances are you purchased an item listed from another station. Press Alt-T to open the Assets window and figure out which station you bought it in, then fly to that station to pick it up. Purchasing an item does not magically move it to your current station.

How can I find which station one of my items is in?

Press Alt-T to open the Assets window which lists all of your assets by station. Note that the assets window only updates once every ~5 minutes.

How do I use the scanning interface?

EVE has a set of tutorial videos to help you figure this out. Press F12 to open the ‘Help’ window, then select the ‘Tutorial Videos’ tab. Scroll down to ‘Exploration’ and watch the scanning videos there.

Is it better to sell ore directly or reprocess it and sell the minerals?

For new players it is generally better to sell the ore itself, because new players will not have the level of skills required to efficiently refine ore into the full value equivalent of minerals.

What are the different types of ore and where can I find them?

Here’s a diagram of where to find ores. Cerlestes also has an excellent ore chart for finding out what kinds of ore are most profitable to mine, or where to get a particular minearal. For even more detail you can look at the UniWiki ‘Asteroids and Ore’ article.

Why does this asteroid belt not have any asteroids?

Asteroid belts respawn once a day during the daily downtime (11:00 EVE time). In highly-populated systems individual belts may get mined out quickly - try traveling to another system if all of the belts in your current system have been mined out, or going to an asteroid anomaly if there are any listed in the Probe Scanner window (Alt-P).

What are the different factions of npc enemies and how do they differ?

The UniWiki ‘NPC Damage Types’ article has a chart of the various NPC factions and their differences, including what damage types they do and what damage types are best to shoot at them. Alternatively, you can consult this image guide.

How do I bookmark a point in space rather than a specific thing?

Press Ctrl-B to bring up the bookmark creation dialog for your current position in space.

Why can’t my guns hit this pirate?

You’re probably either too far away (outside of your gun’s Optimal Range) or too close (and your gun turret can’t rotate fast enough to track the moving target). Try staying at about your gun’s Optimal Range, and if still having accuracy trouble, try using Keep At Range instead of Orbit.

What does ‘a module has run out of charges’ mean?

Your weapons probably need to be loaded with ammunition. Right-click your weapon, click “Show Info”, and see “Used With” for ammo types you can use. If you don’t already have them, buy some off the Market. Once you have some in your cargo hold, click-and-drag it over your gun’s icon, or while in space, right-click the gun’s icon in your HUD and select the ammo type to load.

Why is this wreck/can yellow?

A yellow wreck or cargo container does not belong to you, and taking from it is considered stealing. Doing so will flag you as a “Suspect” for 15 minutes, letting other players shoot at you legally without CONCORD (the spacecops) interfering. By default, your ship’s Safety is set to prevent you from performing illegal actions such as looting yellow wrecks.

Why can’t I sell my items?

Make sure they’re in the station’s Item Hangar, not your ship’s cargo hold. Also make sure there’s buy orders that’ll accept sales from your station - right-click and “View Market Details”, and look for green-highlighted orders in the “Buyers” column. If it’s still not working, check to make sure the “Minimum Volume” on the green order isn’t larger than the amount you’re trying to sell.

Why can’t I fit this weapon into an open high slot?

Weapons (with only a few exceptions) require both an empty high slot and a specific type of hardpoint to mount. Most weapons require turret hardpoints, except for missile, torpedo, and rocket launchers which require launcher hardpoints. Each ship hull has a specific number of hardpoints (most only have one type, some have both). You can view the number of hardpoints for a hull via the Show Info window under the Fitting tab, or by looking for the smaller circles by turret and launcher icons above the high slots in the fitting window.