Small-Gang PvP


Small-Gang PvP is the practice of hopping in a ship, heading out with yourself and a few friends, and looking for trouble and the elusive “good fight”.


Get a ship and get out there!

Making some friends, or joining a corporation (the latter of which often leads to the former), means you’ll have a group of people to go out on PvP “roams” with, but there’s nothing stopping you from going out on solo roams.

One common piece of advice for new players, once they’ve gotten their feet under them and acquired some ISK, is to buy fifty frigates, then go out and lose each and every one - and to try and learn something from each death.

The targets of PvP roams can be varied, but will almost universally involve leaving high-security space. Roaming through lowsec or nullsec are the most common, but wormhole roams are a possibility as well. Using Dotlan’s maps for the area you’re flying through, especially the “NPC Kills” filter, can help you pick out areas with player activity; a large number of “Ship/Pod Kills” may indicate a gatecamp waiting to pick off anyone who comes through, which, depending on the size of your gang, may be a good or a bad thing.

In gangs of more than a couple people, it’s fairly common to have one player act as the “scout”, moving ahead and finding targets of opportunity for the fleet to attack, or reporting danger that lies in the way. This role is perfectly suited to Frigate pilots. Mastering the use of the Directional Scanner can be vital to a scout; see Eve University’s Directional Scanner Guide for more information.


PvP in EVE can generate quite a rush, and several pilots report cases of “the shakes” after a close battle. Working with your friends to outsmart opponents and overpower them, or simply prey on any hapless victims you find, can be a good way to socialize with your fleetmates, grow as a pilot and, quite simply, have fun.