Keep Learning

At this point you should be off to an excellent start in EVE:

  • You’ve explored different options for what to do.
  • You have some ships with effective fits and know how to use them.
  • You have a plan for training new skills.
  • You’ve (probably) found a group of people to play with.

EVE has a lot of complexity. To explore more of it, consider checking out some of these other excellent sites:

  • UniWiki is maintained by EVE University with articles on a wide variety of EVE topics.
  • BRAVE Wiki is another wiki maintained by Brave Newbies.
  • Crossing Zebras is an EVE fan site with many articles and podcasts about EVE.
  • The official EVE Community site has news, patch notes, and forums to read.

You can also browse the final section of this site (Reference Material) for individual tips and information that didn’t fit into the “walkthrough” portion of the guide.