Core Skills

There are some skills that basically every player will want to train because they’re useful no matter what ship you’re flying.

Hull Upgrades Level IV allows you to use the better Damage Control II module, which is a significant improvement over the basic version of the module, making your ship more survivable.

Shield Upgrades Level IV allows you to use better shield-related modules, improving your shield-based defenses. (Caldari, Gallente, and Minmatar only. If you’re using ships that focus on armor defenses, you can skip this for now.)

Energy Grid Upgrades Level III allows you to use a lot of new capacitor-related modules, making it easier to create ship fits that don’t run out of capacitor quite as easily. Level IV lets you upgrade many of those modules to their better tech 2 variants, further improving capacitor benefits. You’ll definitely want to train III, and eventually you’ll want to train IV, too.

If the ships you’re flying have drone bays, Drones Level III and Light Drone Operation Level I are highly recommended so that your ships can use at least light combat drones, which provide some additional combat capability for any ship with a drone bay. If you decide to keep using drones you’ll eventually want to train Drones Level V so that you can launch up to 5 drones (assuming the ship allows it).