Industrialist (Entrepreneur) Agent

This mission chain is Balancing the Books. Its 10 missions will have you doing salvaging, hacking, mining, and a bit of running around delivering things to agents in different systems. These are ways that you can make money in EVE without having to use your weapons.

If you get stuck, there’s a video guide to the missions that begins here:

As you complete the chain, you’ll earn a couple of new ships, some skill books, some modules, and a good chunk of ISK.

Common Stumbling Blocks

  • In mission 2 of 10, the Black Box is inside the “Civilian Transport Ship Wreck” near the NPC pirate. Use the provided Civilian Salvager module to access the wreck, then loot the Black Box from it and return to your agent.
  • In mission 3 of 10, you must mine Veldspar from the mission site to complete the mission, even if you already have sufficient Tritanium. Mining from an asteroid belt will not complete the mission.
  • In mission 6 of 10, the Tracking Computer I is most easily acquired from the Market. See the Use the Market section if you’re having trouble.
  • In mission 9 of 10, you can use 1MN Afterburner I modules acquired from other Career Agent missions or from the Market. Make sure they are Repackaged (right-click -> “Repackage”) or the agent will not accept them.
  • In mission 10 of 10, the manufacturing process will take substantial time; you can do other things (such as other career agent missions) while the build is in progress. Some of the minerals required may be most easily sourced through the Market rather than via mining. You can also just buy the ammunition off the market, despite what the agent says.