Industrialist (Producer) Agent

This chain is Making Mountains of Molehills. Its 10 missions focus on how to produce new items in EVE from scratch: mining raw materials and then building modules, charges (ammo), and ships from those materials.

If you’re having trouble figuring out how to use the industry interface, you can watch the videos guides on youtube:

As you complete the chain, you’ll earn a couple of new ships, some skill books, some modules, and a good chunk of isk.

Common Stumbling Blocks

  • In mission 1 of 10, note that the Veldspar must be mined from the mission site, not mined from a regular asteroid belt or bought off the market.
  • In mission 2 of 10, note that the Veldspar must be in the station’s Item Hangar, not your ship’s Cargo Hold, before it can be Reprocessed.
  • In mission 4 of 10, note that you must warp to the destination given by your agent and destroy the Rogue Drones found there to complete the mission, even if you already have sufficient Tritanium.
  • In mission 6 of 10, it’s likely quickest to just buy Cap Booster 25s or the minerals you need to make them from the Market.
  • In mission 9 of 10, make sure that you have both a mining laser and a weapon fit to your ship. Having only one or the other will be insufficient to complete the mission. Also, to complete the mission you will need to loot the Production Assistant out of the cargo container (NOT the wreck) that spawns after destroying the second pirate. If they are not showing up, try deactivating and re-engaging your mining laser(s).
  • In mission 10 of 10, some of the minerals needed are not easily acquired in highsec. You should just buy them from the market. Alternately, you can buy the needed ship from the Market directly or turn in a ship you already own.